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A personal loss of form combined with a series lost to Sri Lanka at home last summer meant Cook was on the chopping block. Then India went ahead in their five-Test match encounter last year, only for the results to be reversed in the latter half of that series.

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A dropped catch at Southampton allowed the beleaguered skipper enough breathing space to return to form, with runs and three consecutive wins. And they were a team in strife during those six weeks in March, exiting in the group stage after losing to Bangladesh in a must-win encounter. But just before an Ashes series is not the right time to talk," Cook said at a preparatory camp two weeks before Australia landed in England.

In sharp contrast, Clarke rode high on that win at home, with Australia going on to beat South Africa in their den thereafter. Never mind a blip against Pakistan, India were easy meat in home conditions.

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From the loss of his best friend Phil Hughes in November to fighting a career-threatening back injury to lifting the World Cup, Clarke elevated himself to national hero this past summer in Australia. That was perhaps the klaxon for a shift in the Australian dressing room, moving on finally from their long-running transition period. It is not to say that they are not standing on the verge of their next phase-shift.

How to get an Ashen Tome of Curses? The Sea of Thieves Ashen Treasures Guide

Recently, in West Indies, Smith reaffirmed that his inspiring run-scoring back home was no fluke, climbing atop the ICC ranking charts. Cook, meanwhile, will play on with a perturbed mind. While he was away from the ODI scene, a new coach came in. Trevor Bayliss brought in the chutzpah he has displayed often in his previous coaching stints to the recently concluded New Zealand ODI series, wherein an attacking English side broke its own norms with a win.

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He will look forward to playing the same brand of cricket in the Ashes, meeting Australian fire with fire. In all of this, could Cook be left behind, he of the caution-first approach? We've been making PC trainers for over 15 years. Never used a trainer before?

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