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Sometimes, I'm in the big theater with students and manage to pull it off in there too just not as much group work.

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I estimate that I've done my Survivor Algebra gig with a few thousand students, so far. I am a former mathphobe and a former bad student, so I know what's inside these kids' heads. I know what it feels like to fail a math class.

I know what it feels like to get nauseous just opening up a math textbook. I know what it's like to be chronically tardy and unsuccessful in a class. It's not a good feeling and I don't want my students to have it.

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Once I realized I had a knack for math, I had to transform myself into a good student. I think this is the main reason that I've been so fascinated by figuring out how to transform my own students. When I first started teaching, I did it the traditional way Lecture and questions. I was always able to explain things really well, but there was clearly something missing.

No matter what I tried, over half of my students would drop or fail. So, over half usually fail and that's just not right.

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Sometimes higher! So, here is Survivor Algebra:. All Rights Reserved.


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Survivor Algebra. So approach each class in your curriculum as an opportunity to become more versed in your industry and more prepared to engage with your students.

This is your chance to soak up as much information as possible. Then when you finally earn your elementary education degree, you can teach with confidence. No elementary education degree is complete without the rich and rewarding experience of student teaching.

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Before you begin, consider the following tips for smooth sailing:. New teachers can sometimes be discouraged by bad days in the classroom, especially when they are student teaching. If a misbehaving student or misstep in communication threatens to damage your confidence in your teaching abilities, remember to keep your perspective.

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Even grown-ups make mistakes—and children need to learn this too. By embracing your mistakes, learning from them and moving on quickly, you will diffuse the situation and rekindle trust in the classroom. For instance, if you blame a child inappropriately, calmly address the class and acknowledge your mistake.

Most likely, your behavior will be forgotten by the students, and you will remember it enough to be sure to never repeat the offense. Search for a teaching program that fits you.