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So no matter who you are, your level of experience in the gym, or even whatever your sport you will be able to experience the amazing health benefits of weightlifting. International Federation:. European Federation:.

National Governing Body:. Of the two lifts this is the more technical and complex. Clean and Jerk:.

The clean and jerk, as the name suggests, comprises of 2 movements. It is the second of the weightlifting competition lifts.

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The clean portion takes the bar from the ground to the shoulders, and the jerk moves the bar to overhead. Pictures and videos coming soon!

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Competition Weight Categories:. To fit in to the category your weight must be above that of the previous category and up to the weight of the category you wish to fit in to, so for example the women's 64kg category can be seen as 'up to' 64kg, and includes all weights from From the Olympic Games in Sydney, men have competed in eight weight categories and women in seven. This total of 15 events remains unchanged.

Olympic weightlifting

Weightlifting has been present at 23 editions of the Games, and has placed on the podium champions from 32 different National Olympic Committees NOCs. A long history As a means to measure strength and power, weightlifting was practised both by ancient Egyptian and Greek societies. Power struggle At the beginning of the century, Austria, Germany and France were the most successful nations.

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