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Dubai is another paradise on earth. I love to visit there. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. Very informative and very good pictures. Last updated Oct 30, Looking for interesting facts about Dubai? Then continue reading! Dubai facts. Interesting fact about Dubai. Tags: Fun Facts 17 Comments. Rojas on November 20, at am. Thank you for sharing such wonderful information about Dubai Reply. Ahmed Ali on August 31, at pm.

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Shame the Cyclone and Rattle Snake closed down. Best sights in Dubai. Naressa Madramootoo on August 16, at am. Interesting facts about Dubai! Dubai man on April 10, at am. Joseph on February 2, at pm. I like these crazy facts about Dubai. Tanjay on January 13, at pm. I love Dubai. Need to go again in the future. I visited the Burj Khalifa it was a truly amazing experience. It is a must visit place in Dubai. Gary Foley on November 4, at pm. Yas on February 13, at am. Roberto hernanadez on December 19, at pm.

Nathan Wang on December 18, at pm. I think there are addresses in Dubai. Otherwise, you are correct. Thanks for the info!!!! Dubai is awesome Reply. Traveoport on January 10, at am. Marilou on July 8, at pm. - مستندات Google

You have got interesting articles here! Submit a Comment Cancel reply You have to agree to the comment policy. Search Search for:. In one case, Human Rights Watch documented that a woman who had been physically abused by her husband was in breach of the law by taking up employment without her husband's approval. The UAE cabinet is made up of In the first woman was appointed as minister, Lubna Al Qasimi.

Human rights in the United Arab Emirates

As of the end of there were four women ministers and two female ambassadors. In addition to this the UAE is one of only two countries in the Gulf that permits women to hold the position of a judge or prosecutor, with Bahrain being the first country in the region to elect a female judge in Under article of the Penal Code abortion is illegal in the UAE except where a woman's life is at risk or the unborn child has a genetic condition that will prove to be fatal.

Education has been a prime area of growth in the whole Gulf region.

Traditionally women were encouraged to pursue female disciplines such as education and health care but this has changed recently with surges in areas such as technology and engineering. The UAE currently has four women fighter pilots and thirty trained females in the nation's special security forces. The state-of-the-art military college provides world-class training, physical fitness sessions and leadership development.

These stateless Emiratis — also known as bidun — either migrated to the UAE before independence or were natives who failed to register as citizens. Emiratis receive favorability in employment via the Emiratisation program forcing companies by law to limit the number of migrant workers in a company. This is done for the purposes of stabilizing the labor market and protecting the rights of this group as a minority in their own country.

At the same time, however, due to the welfare benefits of the UAE government, many Emiratis are reluctant to take up low paying jobs especially those in the private sector; private sector employers are also generally more inclined to hire overseas temporary workers as they are cheaper and can be retrenched for various reasons, for example, if they go on strike [] [] [] [] Most UAE locals also prefer government jobs and consider private sector jobs to be below them.

Migrants, mostly of South Asian origin, constitute Workers have sometimes arrived in debt to recruitment agents from home countries and upon arrival were made to sign a new contract in English or Arabic that pays them less than had originally been agreed, although this is illegal under UAE law. This practice, although illegal, is to ensure that workers do not abscond or leave the country on un-permitted trips.

UAE Labour Law: 10 facts that you need to know about working in the UAE

On 21 March , tensions boiled over at the construction site of the Burj Khalifa , as workers upset over low wages and poor working conditions rioted, damaging cars, offices, computers, and construction tools. On 22 March most workers returned to the construction site but refused to work. Workers building a new terminal at Dubai International Airport went on strike in sympathy. A strike by foreign workers took place in October Many were arrested, but almost all of them were released some days later.

In the past, the UAE government has denied any kind of labor injustices and has stated that the accusations by Human Rights Watch were misguided. The strikes and negative media attention provided exposure of this regional problem and in the UAE government decreed and implemented a "midday break" during summer for construction companies, ensuring laborers were provided several hours to escape the summer heat.

Dubai - 25 Interesting Facts about Dubai - Tamil - UAE - Facts

Illegal visa overstayers were assured amnesty and even repatriated to their home countries at the expense of friends, embassies or charities. In July , a video was uploaded onto YouTube, which depicted a local driver hitting an expatriate worker, following a road related incident.

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  • Using part of his head gear , the local driver whips the expatriate and also pushes him around, before other passers-by intervene. A few days later, Dubai Police announced that both, the local driver and the person who filmed the video, have been arrested. It was also revealed that the local driver was a senior UAE government official, although the exact government department is not known. In November , there was another incident involving an American broadcast professional whom after obtaining a business license from the UAE government, started an Internet music station but his ex Emirati manager used his status and connections to not only block the American website and stream, but to submit a false report to the authorities, have the American citizen arrested, jailed for 10 days, and have his passport taken away for 10 months without ever charging him.

    The American citizen found a way to escape Dubai and after a perilous journey in August , safely made it back to the U. Labor laws generally favor the employer and are less focused on the rights of employees. The Ministry of Labor is criticized for loosely enforcing these laws, most notably late or no wage or overtime payment for both blue collar and white collar employees.

    According to the Ansar Burney Trust ABT , an illegal sex industry thrives in the emirates, where a large number of the workers are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, especially in Dubai. This complements the tourism and hospitality industry, a major part of Dubai's economy. Prostitution, though illegal by law, is conspicuously present in the emirate because of an economy that is largely based on tourism and trade. There is a high demand for women from Europe and Asia.

    According to the World Sex Guide , a website catering to sex tourists , Eastern European and Ethiopian women are the most common prostitutes, while Eastern European prostitutes are part of a well-organized trans-Oceanic prostitution network. The UAE government enshrines conservative values in its constitution and therefore has adopted significant measures to combat this regional problem.

    The government of the UAE has worked with law enforcement officials to build capacity and awareness through holding training workshops and implementing monitoring systems to report human rights violations. Despite this, the system led to registration of only ten human-trafficking related cases in and half as many penalized convictions. Businesses participating in exploiting women and conducting illegal activities have licenses revoked and operations are forced to close.

    In , after just one year, the efforts led to prosecution of prostitution cases rose by 30 percent. A year later, an annual report on the UAE's progress on human trafficking measures was issues and campaigns to raise public awareness of the issue are also planned. The state has signed numerous bilateral agreements meant to regulate the labor being sent abroad by ensuring transactions are conducted by labor ministries and not profiting recruitment agencies.

    A HBO documentary accuses UAE citizens of illegally using child jockeys in camel racing, where they are subjected also to physical and sexual abuse.

    10 Facts About Dubai

    Anti-Slavery International has documented similar allegations. The practice is officially banned in the UAE since the year Sheikh Hamdan said all owners of camel racing stables would be responsible for returning children under 15 to their home countries. He also announced the introduction of a series of penalties for those breaking the new rules.

    For a first offense, a fine of 20, AED was to be imposed. For a second offense, the offender would be banned from participating in camel races for a period of a year, while for third and subsequent offense, terms of imprisonment would be imposed.

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    The Ansar Burney Trust, [] which was featured heavily in the HBO documentary, announced in that the government of the UAE began actively enforcing a ban on child camel jockeys, and that the issue "may finally be resolved". Services offered include counseling, schooling, recreational facilities, psychological support and shelter. Mainly women and children receive assistance and in certain cases are even repatriated to their home countries.