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This case just became a priority when a high ranking member of Parliment is the next victim. Now a high profile case, the killing of the women is put on the back burner.

Are there 2 serial killers on the loose? Or could it be, as the investigation progresses, that these 2 cases have something in common? Possible spoiler Ms. Gray gives the reader a hint that the suspect in the murders of the men who drive white Mercedes is a woman. From that moment on, every female character in the story is now a suspect to this reader. Did I figure it out? As in all of the books that I have read by this author, there are qualities of her writing that I am quite fond of. Her detailed narrative with the written word is so good that I can vividly imagine the settings and the characters.

Her books a captivating to the point that I feel transported into the story and am not aware of my surroundings. A brilliantly well written novel!! An uninterrupted suspenseful read from the first page to the last. And to answer the question if I figured it out who the murder s were, not even close!!!!! I highly encourage you to read Ms.

Sep 19, Lesley Anderson rated it did not like it. Oh dear, oh dear. I am struggling to find positive comments to note.

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The weather was well described and the writer was successful in creating a real feeling for the wintry conditions. The main protagonist Lorimer was just boring, but marginally less so than his wife Maggie. No weakness, no humour, no real. The dialogue was stilted. The Glasgow dialect words did not ring Oh dear, oh dear. The Glasgow dialect words did not ring true. Youse is plural but seemed to be used in the singular. In'it is not a Glasgow expression! The tone of the narration was condescending and patronising. I actually do not need to be told that the sun rises in the east and became quite irked at so many "informative" nuggets that were shared with the reader.

It smacks of trying to establish veracity. Aug 31, Lizzie Hayes rated it it was amazing. But someone else is also investigating these killing but by a different method, that of being picked up as a prostitute and then killing the clients. The murder of a prominent politician puts the police under intense pressure, as the media demand answers. As the police investigate, the number of suspects increases, it seems our rising politician had a busy life. To further complicate the investigation someone is passing information to the media.

This is a complicated story, as someone is taking revenge for the brutal killing of young women, and someone is killing men who use young women for sex, in the hope of finding a killer. That they may not be killing a killer - just a guy looking to pay for a few moments of pleasure from a willing participant is in itself a tragedy.

Both a thought provoking story that raises many questions, and an interesting mystery, as Bill Lorimer seeks to find two killers. Well plotted with a stunning climax, this book is highly recommended. Jun 26, John Ellis rated it liked it. This is the 9th case in the series for Detective Inspector Lorimer. He has to find the link between who is killing some of the prostitutes in the city and several business men. The latest victim is the Deputy First Minister who is found in his car out in the countryside. Why was he there in the first place is the main question that needs to be answered? He calls on his friend Solly Brightman to help him draw a profile of the possible killer, and in the end they solve the case.

I have read most of this series of novels and enjoyed them, so look forward to reading more of them in the future. May 30, Tiina rated it it was ok. For some reason, I found it hard to get into the story. Am I getting old? Because I did not seem to be able to keep track of all the characters in this book. When I finally did, I wondered why they all had been featured since they did not contribute to the plot much. Knowing so well that there were two serial killers and their agendas were related, it was exasperating to follow how long it took for the police to realise this.

I guess that is logical, that the police would not realise, For some reason, I found it hard to get into the story. I guess that is logical, that the police would not realise, but maybe it would have been more intriguing for the reader to be more in the dark, too, and to keep guessing, in synch with the police. I could barely get through this book, so I'm tempted to give just one star, but since I finished, I will have to deem it ok, so two stars.

Jan 18, Jenifer Mohammed rated it it was amazing Shelves: hard-boiled. This is an extremely well-written and exciting story that keeps the reader guessing to the very end. The characters are sympathetic and the villains are fully fleshed out. Without giving spoilers, the bones of the story are carefully laid out.

Somrone is killing prostitutes and someone is killing johns in the hopes of killing the prostitute killer. It becomes the job of Detective Superintendent Lorimer to find out who and why. Jul 13, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. A very well-written addition to the DSI Lorimer series.

Quite the thriller, with not one but two serial killers on the loose in Glasgow and Lorimer in the middle. As a reader you can see the convergence of the killers' paths long before Lorimer does, and when the impact comes it is cataclysmic.

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A highly suspenseful read, and well worth the time. Apr 11, Rog Harrison rated it liked it. I must have missed this one when it first came out. Although I am not keen on Bill Lorimer as a character this is a well told story. From an early stage I did suspect the identity of the mysterious female assassin so I was not surprised when it was revealed at the end however the last part of the book is exciting and I had to stay up to finish it.

Jun 02, Lisa Dolatowski rated it really liked it. A great read!

Good to read about places I know unlike most American crime novels that I like. You do feel as if you are in the middle of winter as you are reading this book, Alex Gray has done well with this atomspheric description. Great characters and can't wait to read more books in this series. May 01, John O'Neill rated it really liked it. I listened to this book on audible and found the narrator to be a bit slow and drowsy which took away from the story. I like crime dramas and especially those in Scotland. May 08, Cora Galactic Reader rated it did not like it Shelves: crime , didn-t-enjoy-reading , didn-t-finish , Great title and the blurb sounded interesting but I tried to get into this book for an hour yesterday and I gave up after that.

It felt like it was dragging throughout each chapter that I read. I didn't enjoy it at all. Oct 05, Michelle Nangle rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge Although I enjoyed other Alex Gray books more I still thought it was another winner. Slow burner but the last pages were worth it.


PDF A Pound Of Flesh: 9 (Detective Lorimer Series)

I feel as if the main characters lacked interest and became a big boring in this book. Nevertheless looking forward to the next instalment. Jan 13, Sophia Waugh rated it did not like it. Just about kept me going but didn't really do the thriller at the night thing. Will prob avoid this author. Quite a good double plot, but wonder if the twist at the end would have had more effect if I'd read other books by the author. Like the main detective, Lorimer, though.

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Alex Gray. Alex Gray was born and educated in Glasgow. She worked as a folk singer, a visiting officer in the DSS and an English teacher. She has been awarded the Scottish Association of Writers Constable and Pitlochry trophies for her crime writing. This is Detective Inspector Lorimer's worst nightmare and beyond anything he's faced in his years on the force.

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Can he find a link between the brutal slaying of prostitutes in the back streets of the city and the methodical killing of several unconnected businessmen? When the latest victim turns out to be a prominent Scottish politician, the media's spotlight is shone on Lorimer's investigation. Psychologist and criminal profiler Solly Brightman is called in to help solve the cases, but his help may be futile as they realise that someone on the inside is leaking confidential police information.